10 Great tips for finding the perfect Wedding and Party Planner

Whether you are organising a wedding party or a big corporate event, you will need a lot of help from experienced party planners. To have a successful path, the first step is finding the best party planners to help you create your idea into a reality. Below are tips and guides in choosing the best party organisers that will help you exceed your expectations.


Find out if they have an outstanding history of planned events. You can ask for examples of their past successes. It is important to look for good reviews and if they are recommended by previous clients. Other questions to add is if they provide professional credentials to their firm. By looking through this information you should be able to distinguish which firm is best.


Ask what events do they most regularly work on and have they previously planned a similar occasion that you have in mind. For example, do they usually do business events? Or do they do a variety of events? So if you are planning a business event then they will most likely already have the knowledge and experience you need.

      3.    INTERVIEW

It’s essential to interview and meet one of the firms that you are looking to work with. Through this, you can assess their communication skills and decide if you can work closely with that particular organisation. Clear communication is necessary as this is how you will work with them step by step. Furthermore, this allows you to ask more questions directly and find out more about them.


An important detail to know is what do they offer? Will they fulfil your full requirements? Ensure that they are able to supply your demand to make your event a success. This involves finding a fitting venue, as well as decorations, audio systems, furnishings, catering, staffing, and transportation. A good event planner should already have established connections and open recommendations waiting for you.

      5.    BUDGET & COST

The budget is paramount when it comes to planning any kinds of events. Enquire about the total costs of everything that’s included in their services before signing anything. There are a few factors that you need to check such as when or how do they wish to be paid. Does your budget match their costs?

       6.    FEES

Another financial aspect to enquire about is how does the organiser’s charge their services. Knowing this upfront will prevent you from any surprises later on. A lot of organisers charges differently. For example, some charges are based on an hourly rate or a flat fee. Moreover, they may also charge additional or separate fees.

       7.     INSURANCE

All event planners should already have their own event liability insurance. This insurance protects the event holder and the rest of the event suppliers and vendors. It insures any kind of injury or property damage during the short event. Additionally, this includes any health and safety regulations or provisions for medical and disabilities.


Being able to gather the individuals you need for this project is important. How is your event going to be staffed? You also need to know if you will be working with a team or just one person. A good event management should provide a clear plan on whom you will be working closely with. Will they be using the best technologies or tools for the whole process of management?


A Passionate firm knows that the attention to detail is what will make this event a good one. In case, the client has no idea on what they want their event to look and feel like, the event organiser uses their creative skills to prepare ideas for their customer.

       10.    ABILITY TO LISTEN

Last but not least, perhaps you just need to find an organiser that will listen and respects your ideas and decisions to help you achieve your vision. Great event planners that listen knows the importance of delivering the best experience for their clients.