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A Wedding Venue Like No Other

Picture wandering through beautiful gardens and ethereal woodlands. You’re surrounded by restored gothic buildings hidden away in the sleepy but elegant village of Chantilly. Located 40 kilometres north of Paris, in the Picardy region of France, this small town looks like it belongs to a fairytale. The Jewel in the crown of Domaine de Chantilly is the stunning 16th century Chateau, built for Anne de Montmorecy, and is undoubtedly one of the most astonishing French castle wedding venues near Paris.

From treating yourself to the delicious 'Crème Chantilly', to visiting the Potager des Princes Garden or having a champagne and strawberries by the Nonette River in the Chantilly Forest, Chantilly is a town of dreams.  When you choose to host your exclusive party or luxury wedding in the Château de Chantilly, you will be surrounded by natural beauty, ornate architecture and the jewel of France’s rich heritage and culture, all making for a truly enchanting backdrop to your special day.

Make Château de Chantilly Yours

An outdoor wedding ceremony in the stunning Anglo-Chinese garden houses the Hamlet that inspired Marie-Antoinette's Hamlet in the Château de Versailles and will create an ethereal backdrop like no other. Or perhaps choose the Island of Love and the Beauvais Waterfall in the English Garden, located between the Palace and the Great Stables. Designed by renowned architect Victor Dubois, this 115 hectare garden is the perfect location for a large scale wedding. Whether it is an Arabic Wedding, Persian Wedding, Indian Wedding, or Traditional Wedding, it is the definition of luxury.

If you prefer to have an indoor wedding, then look no further than the grounds of the Palace. For an intimate affair that focuses on the finer things, we recommended Sylvie’s house. This restored seventeenth century house offers intimacy and charm that is perfect for that small once in a lifetime event or reception. Seating up to 150 people, the gold leafing, ornate chandeliers and French Style Gardens surrounding the venue will make you feel like royalty in Versailles.

An Enchanting Fairytale Wedding

Astute in wealth and elegance, the walls of Château de Chantilly drip in culture and history. The Art Galleries boast the second largest collection of antique paintings in France, put together by the Duke of Aumale, with the layout remaining the same since the 19th Century. Every single suite and room of Château de Chantilly has been renovated and decorated with lavish furniture, nodding to its previous occupants, the Princes of Condé. Vitrines of art from the Belle-Époque feature on the walls, gold leafed furniture tell stories of history, and the arched painted ceilings looking like they belong to childhood fairytales - Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast.

The Château’s in-depth history dates back to the middle ages, when the Le Bouteiller Family were the first Lords to reside. Since opening its doors in 1500s, the Château has had numerous Lords and Royalty residing, from Constable Anne de Montmorency to Charlotte de Montmorency. The development of the beautiful French gardens and luxury interiors are thanks to the contributions of several dynasties who bestowed their tastes throughout the centuries. In 1830, Henri d’Orléans, Duke of Aumale became heir to the Domaine de Chantilly, and worked with architect Honoré Daume to restore the ‘Grand Château’ after it was demolished during the French Revolution.

Chateau de Chantilly Wedding

The Castle Wedding Of Your Dreams

Scarlet Events has incredible experience in organising weddings and parties in Paris and multiple destinations across the world. Your guests will be surrounded by luxury from the minute they step off the plane. It starts with a luxury transfer from Paris airport to their 5 star hotel situated on-site ‘Aub Auberge du Jeu de Paume’. Once, they have settled, they will enjoy a welcome dinner like no other - perhaps a gourmet meal in two Michelin starred restaurant La Table du Connétable ran by chef Arnaud Faye, or perhaps a more relaxed dining option in the Jardin d’Hiver. After, they can enjoy the swimming pool and beauty treatments in the Valmont Spa.

Having your destination wedding or once in a lifetime event at this stunning Palace will never cease to amaze. Whether it is the grand decor, beautiful outdoors or rich history of Paris, you will be sure to have the experience of a lifetime and Scarlet will make it happen.

For more information about booking the Château de Chantilly near Paris for your wedding or event, please speak to one of our team for more information or email us at

Photo credit: Why Moments