In the Commune of Saint-Bon-Tarentaise lies Courchevel, part of Les Trois Vallées - the largest linked ski area in the World. Courchevel features three idyllic towns, Courchevel 1300 (Le Praz), Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650 (Moriond), and the jewel of the trio, Courchevel 1850. With an altitude of 1,850 metres (2,788 feet) Courchevel 1850 is the highest part of Les Trois Vallées, and the Crème de la Crème when it comes to luxury skiing holidays and romantic getaways. Courchevel is a popular haunt for Britain’s very own Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and Wills, and offers more than just skiing. Courchevel has a plethora of boutique stores, Michelin starred restaurants and designer outlets such as Hermes, Prada and Louis Vuitton, making for the ultimate setting for luxury events and parties

French Splendour at its Best

Imagine spending the build up to your private party surrounded by breathtaking mountains, as you browse designer stores and find exquisite diamond earrings to go with your perfect party outfit. You’re having the time of your life as you enjoy the thrill of  jumping off of the 165 ski lifts catering to the mountains of  Les Trois Vallées. After a day of entertainment and exercise, you then dine in one of the many michelin-starred eateries in Courchevel 1850, as you enjoy the sunset over the Jardin Alpin. If you and your friends want to be surrounded by rural beauty, with a picturesque snowy mountains and class when you shave the celebration on a lifetime, then a private event at Cheval Blanc Courchevel will surpass all your expectations.

Cheval Blanc Courchevel is a luxury skiing Maison located in the prestigious Jardin Alpin of Courchevel 1850. This ornate ski resort has direct access to the largest ski domain to date - Les Trois Vallées. What makes this sovereign house so different to any other venue is the fact that it takes the preconceived notions of mountain design by infusing bold colours and collections of original works of art, architects from Atelier COS and Sybille de Margerie. 

A Truly Unique Luxury Venue

With sophisticated textures from leathers, cashmere and fur creating soft elegance, the welcome contrast of brushed brass, silver and bronze truly reflects Cheval Blanc’s vision; modern extravagance in the heart of the Alps. If you’re looking to close that all important deal or impress your clients, a weekend stay in Cheval Blanc is sure to do the job. This stunning hotel also makes the perfect place for a birthday party or celebration.

Cheval Blanc first opened its doors in 2006, after over taking La Caravelle; a hotel-restaurant in poor condition. The restaurant was demolished, rebuilt and then renamed after the luxury group Cheval Blanc. Decorated by Sybille de Margerie, the decorator of the Mandarin in Paris, Cheval Blanc Courchevel takes a unique approach on contemporary splendour, making the perfect background for a truly unique party or impressive corporate event. In 2011 this stunning hotel was granted the prestigious Palace award - no request is too big or small at Cheval Blanc.

Culinary Art in the heart of Courchevel

Cheval Blanc has five astonishing restaurants and eateries for you to choose from, all offering a unique experience. Le 1947 is a three michelin starred restaurant that offers a bespoke dining experience for their guests. Le 1947’s name derives from the most prestigious vintage of Château Cheval Blanc and is the stage for striking culinary chef Yannick Alléno. The jewel of Cheval Blanc, this restaurant offers a gastronomic experience like no other, and because of this, the restaurant seats a limited number of people a night in order to offer a most exclusive experience.

If you’re hosting a private event in Courchevel and looking for a place to unwind or relax with your clients or friends and family, The Cigar Lounge in Cheval Blanc is the perfect place to go. Located inside an authentic Mongolian yurt, The Cigar Lounge is a luxury hideaway that is sure to impress. The fur rugs, rich wooden coffee tables and plush armchairs is the perfect setting for you to sip on vintage spirits and indulge in the finest cigars.

Whether you intend to host your private event or party in Cheval Blanc, or are planning on staying there with your loved ones after a celebration or wedding in Courchevel, Scarlet Events will take care of everything for you. Will will organise a private Jet to get you and your party to where you need to be, and even give you the option of travelling on Cheval Blanc’s private yacht.

If you have already experienced a Cheval Blanc across the world and wish to remain loyal to the luxurious group, why not plan your next party, event or your wedding celebration in Cheval Blanc St-Barth? Ski, wood fires, white sand beaches and turquoise waters, the Cheval Blanc Maisons offer some of the most stunning resorts and establishments worldwide.

Our event and wedding planners are experienced in organising events across the world and we would be delighted to help you plan your dream wedding or party in the Courchevel. 

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