Close your eyes and picture you and your loved ones walking through one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world. It is a small, savvy place with an artsy, post-industrial edge that cannot be fabricated anywhere else. You’ve chosen to host your luxury wedding or private event during the summer, which means that you and your family mingling with the locals as you watch the jubilant street parade.  

Zürich is a city with winding lanes, towering church steeples. One of the richest cities in Switzerland, this metropolis has wholeheartedly embraced everything it means to be curious and modern, whilst maintaining its stunning historical beauty. If you and your loved one are looking for a place with phenomenal nightlife, or you and your friends want to experience something truly unique, then Züri-West is the perfect place to go. The epicentre of the city’s nightlife, Zürich has a plethora of sophisticated and open air bars for you to visit, as you prepare for your big night of celebrations.

Zürich is the ultimate place to host your destination wedding, or luxury private party or corporate event. Known for the stunning historical architecture, sleek banks, beautiful lakes and contemporary vibe, if you’re looking for something a little different, then this Swiss city is sure to impress - especially if you choose to host your event in the Dolder Grand on Adlisberg Hill.

A Truly Unique Swiss Wedding Venue

The Dolder Grand (formerly known as Grand Hotel Dolder) is the perfect place for you and the love of your life to say your vows and make the ultimate commitment to each other. With panoramic views, elite service and a fascinating history, you and your wedding party would have a luxurious and relaxing experience, just a short mile away from the bustling and busy city centre.

The Dolder Grand first opened its doors in 1899 with hospitality being its utmost priority, which has remained at its core ever since. Built under the vision of Basel architect Jacques Gros, it was first a place of relaxation and regeneration. With 220 beds, a reading and billiard room, a café restaurant, covered verandas, terraces, a telephone and a telegraph, guests would rest, rejuvenate and enjoy the finer things in life. During the second world war, members of European royal families would travel to the Dolder Grand Hotel to escape, and hide away from the horrors of the war. The post-war prosperity also saw the likes of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Thomas Mann. In 1964, the Dolder Grand Hotel opened a new, modern complex with 60 additional rooms, losing the original symmetrical design of the Hotel as a result. The Grand Hotel continues to be a meeting point for royalty, politicians and other A List celebrities. Famous guests to pass through its doors include the Shah of Iran, John Wayne, Heinz Rühmann, Sophia Loren, Roger Moore, Artur Rubinstein and Prince Charles.

A Rich European Heritage

Throughout the 1990s the Dolder Grand was faced with some challenges, requiring significant investment in order to maintain its luxury status. Before closing its doors for a grand renovation, the likes of Nelson Mandela, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson, Luciano Pavarotti signed their names in the guest book.

During the summer of 2004 the Dolder Grand Hotel closed and the furnishings sold. Annexes constructed after 1899 were demolished, and over 110,000 cubic metres of material dug out in order to reach the depth required for the new buildings. A year after the laying of the foundation stone, the erection and completion of the building shell was celebrated. Listed structures such as the Steinhalle and six rooms in the Main Building were faithfully restored to their original historic state. Now, the hotel boasts 173 rooms and suites, two restaurants, a bar, 13 conference rooms and a 4,000-square-metre spa.

A Private Party or Wedding at the Dolder Grand

Known for their commitment to hospitality, a destination wedding or party at the Dolder Grand will be a truly memorable one. This venue is the perfect environment for that once in a lifetime, unforgettable occasion. If you and your guests are seeking pleasure and relaxation, the luxury spa combined with the Dolder Grand’s location between pulsating city and invigorating nature, makes a magnificent view of the city of Zürich, the lake and the Alps.

If you want a small and sophisticated affair, the Ballroom will fit upto 80 people, and the Garden  Salons up to 40. The Gallery and Gallery Lounges can fit 120 - 180 guests. What makes a wedding here even more personal is the exceptional service before and after your fairytale wedding, allowing you to relax before you embark on the honeymoon of a lifetime.

Our event and wedding planners are experienced in organising events across the world and we would be delighted to help you plan your dream wedding or party in the Zürich.

A Hotel Adorned by Celebrities

The Dolder Grand Hotel has been host to numerous star-studded events and parties since it first opened its doors over two centuries ago. During the fifties and sixties, The Dolder Grand Hotel had been home to European Royal Families, along with other important people such as Winston Churchill and Thomas Mann. 

Before The Dolder Grand closed its doors for refurbishment, Nelson Mandela, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Prince Philip, Leonardo DiCaprio and Luciano Pavarotti have scribed their names in the hotel’s guest book. 

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