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2016 is shaping up to be a big year for the big day. Once again, an incredible array of new wedding trends is sweeping the nation like wildfire. A few familiar faces have returned, but have also brought a series of unexpected newcomers along for the ride. Wondering what the happiest of happy couples will be making a beeline for this year? Check out the following five predictions that have already been well and truly verified:


Impossible for important family and friends to travel to Paris or Barcelona? No problem – the pseudo-destination wedding is taking off in a big way. Referring to the creation of a theme wedding, based on a specific destination that holds real importance for the couple. If you got engaged in Paris for example; French décor, music and cuisine prepared by a Michelin Star chef that we have flown in especially for the occasion will help create a wonderful setting.


Once again, stunning floral displays and centerpieces are becoming the absolute must-have wedding trend for 2016. Beautiful and often exotic flowers are being used to create increasingly ambitious and genuinely inspirational installations – floral archways in particular having attracted enormous attention as of late. It’s simply a case of stepping away from the conventional to have something truly magnificent created on your behalf by our experts.


Onto gastronomy, one absolutely fantastic trend is that of serving food pre-paired with the ideal tipple. For the spicy amuse bouche, you’re supplied with a tiny margarita. For the filet mignon main, a mini glass of exquisitely matched merlot. And for the rich chocolate orange lava cake with saffron ice cream, a sublime bitter coffee mini-cocktail could make all the difference. It’s a simple touch that can take enjoyment to an entirely higher level.


If it’s a term you’ve not yet come across, the ‘naked’ cake basically refers to a wedding cake that’s stripped back to its bare essentials. Only partially iced (or presented with no icing at all), it’s a rough, rustic and wonderfully unpretentious alternative that’s already become quite painfully stylish! And once again, it can also make preparing for the big day infinitely easier.


Last but not least, the days of each bridesmaid having little choice but to wear the same as every other are over. As of 2016, it’s all about bridesmaids semi-independently choosing the colour, style and shape of their own dresses, in accordance with what they look and feel fantastic in. When put into practice, the removal of the uniform-effect traditional approach to bridesmaid attire really does add a dynamic sparkle to the proceedings.