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A Greek wedding is a most special event. It not only sanctifies a couples love but also serves to remind them of the responsibilities that are attached to it.

As special as this occasion may be, it still needs to be planned properly. Planning such an event involves countless details; there is often the stress and excitement involved in equal measure, dealing with family members, and many other considerations. That is why many choose to hire the services of a luxury wedding planner.

At Scarlet, we take great pride in being a premiere luxury event company based in London. That means that we can also take care of your wedding planning, whether you choose to go grand or be a little more intimate with your event. We have helped in planning and organising countless events and our clients have always expressed their satisfaction.

Get the Greek Wedding You Deserve

A great example of our service would be a Greek wedding, many of which we have successfully organised over the years. Many couples with Greek backgrounds choose to embrace the well known traditional style, often as much for the enjoyment of their friends and family as for themselves. Greek weddings happen to be one of our specialties as we’ve had significant experience with them, and it’s definitely a different experience for those who haven’t witnessed one, since it is rooted in religion and ancient customs.

  • The marriage ceremony typically follows the rituals of the Greek Orthodox Church. Some elements are specific to the event – the candles, crowns, and common cup, for example.
  • The groom waits for his bride at the front of the church while holding her bouquet. He hands it to her after she has been led down the aisle by her father.
  • Both the bride and groom hold candles throughout the ceremony. It’s a symbol of the light that represents Christ.
  • Two gold crowns that are made and connected by a single ribbon is swapped back and forth three times by the koumbaro (the equivalent of the “best man” who takes on several key responsibilities in traditional Greek wedding plans).
  • The common cup is where the priest will pour the wine. It is a single wine glass from which the bride and groom take three sips apiece.
  • Before the blessing, the koumbaro will exchange the wedding rings between the bride and groom three times and then placed on their right hands. They will hold their right hands together all throughout the ceremony.
  • Finally, the couple will walk around the table where the candles, cup, and Bible are placed.
  • Of course all services and events are unique, but when planning Greek Orthodox ceremonies they follow a similar format in most cases. This doesn’t stop many brides and grooms taking their own Greek wedding planning to the next level, though, and we’ve helped create some truly beautiful ceremonies that mix the traditional with the spectacular. You can see examples of countless ceremonies and events we have planned and hosted here.

Our global team here at Scarlet Events will take care of all of your needs and requirements. Whether you have cultural or religious considerations to take into account, we are always sensitive and accommodating. With some of the best Greek wedding planners in London and the UK behind the scenes, we aim to guide everything smoothly until your hopes and expectations become reality. Enquire with us today to find out exactly how we can help with your wedding planning.

Scarlet Events are one of the best Greek wedding and party planners in London, for more information about organising your Greek wedding, speak to one of our planners by emailing us at