Luxury Weddings in Rome by Scarlet.

Your wedding should be the most important day in both of your lives, so why not stage it in one of the most romantic locations in the world? Rome has both history and beauty in abundance and surely every couple dream of getting wed in such a gorgeous city?

Weddings in Rome

Planning a celebration to spend the rest of your life with someone is no easy feat, and this is exactly the reason why your actual wedding needs to be so very special. Inviting your friends and family to come and join your betrothal in the most fashionable and sensational of all the Italian cities, is surely an excellent way to reinforce that all so important partnership that is about to take place. Flights to and from this select location are fairly reasonable and what better way to say both goodbye and hello to dear old friends?

Exquisite Accommodation

Rome has an excellent selection of hotels that will be more than happy to accommodate your wedding guests. In fact, many of these select establishments will also be able to offer an excellent reception option for the evening’s festivities. Can you imagine the beautiful photos that will be produced by holding your wedding in this stunning location? And as Rome is so easy to get around, your relatives will have no issues with finding the hotel and selected church or registry office.

Once you decide to hold your wedding in Rome, whether it be an Arabic, American or other wedding, you can relax and start to imagine the wonders of this lovely capital and the calming effect some of the sightseeing options will have on your wedding party. Why not stage some of your official wedding photographs will backdrops as diverse as the Trevi fountain, the Colosseum, or even the stunning Spanish Steps? One thing is for sure, when you decide to pick out Rome as the perfect wedding location of choice, you will be transforming your very special day into something even more precious.  Despite the fact that Rome is less than a 3-hour flight from most UK airports, you may as well be in a different world. You see, the pace of life in this gorgeous metropolis is in stark contrast to other capital cities around the globe.  Amongst the multitude of lovely Piazzas and myriad of architectural delights, the Romans enjoy a more sedate way of seeing things. Your own wedding experience will surely become immersed into the overall laid back style and we guarantee that everything will go just as you planned, albeit in an even more sophisticated manner than you ever imagined.

A Romantic Atmosphere

Rome is always the top choice for romantic getaways and this is just one of many reasons why wedding parties have voted it the best location for their big day. Even a 2 or 3 day break will be sufficient for you to enjoy your wedding in superb style with enough time for some unforgettable romantic meals and spectacular sightseeing. So think about selecting this Italian diamond as the venue for your wedding and we are sure that you’ll get the best start to married life possible.

Planning and Organisation

Scarlet will plan and organise all of your celebrations in Rome, from booking the venue and designing the decorations, to arranging accommodation and transport for you and your guests.

Scarlet are destination and Italian wedding planners and organise weddings across Italy, including Florence,  Venice and Lake Como. For more information about holding your wonderful wedding in Rome or Italy, please contact us today.