Château de Vaux le Vicomte is the hidden treasure of Maincy - for those who wish to have an exclusive lavish affair, it has been one of France’s best kept secrets for four centuries. Maincy - the picturesque village hidden in France, 55 km southeast of Paris is a testament to 15th century France. With a Romanesque church, ivy covered houses, open canals and winding sidewalks it offers a breath of serenity for those wanting to escape everyday life. Watch the sun set behind the Bell Tower the night before you prepare to say your vows to your beau. See the Bridge of Trois Moulins - the inspiration for French artist Paul Cezanne’s ‘Bridge Maincy’ and sip on champagne as you enjoy a picnic. Enjoy a serene Luxury Wedding or Luxury Private Party in the wonderful village, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Vaux le Vicomte's History

Vaux le Vicomte was purchased by 26-year-old parliamentarian, Nicola Fouquet in 1641. By 1661 Fouquet had transformed his estate into the château and gardens that feature among the most beautiful in France. Architect Louis Le Vau worked with landscape gardener André Le Notre and painter Charles Le Brun to create a château and gardens of unparalleled harmony and beauty. History dictates that Fouquet became a victim of King Louis XIV’s jealousy and was arrested on his orders and sentenced to life in prison. Everything in Vaux le Vicomte was removed - from the tapestries to the paintings and orange trees.

After a decade of fighting for justice, Madame Fouquet finally recovered her estates and retired there with her son. After her son’s death, she was overwhelmed with grief and sold Vaux le Vicomte in 1705, which was then put up for auction in 1875 and abandoned and neglected for five decades. Alfred Sommier, then, enthusiastically bought the estate and took on the task of returning the estate to its original splendour. To this day, his children and their direct descendants, Patrice and Cristina de Vogüé, supported by their three sons, have continued this dream.

A Luxury Wedding Destination in France

When you choose to have your dream Destination Wedding at Vaux le Vicomte, you can even celebrate in the formal gardens that swept Europe in the 17th Century. These gardens still echo the talents of Fouquet’s gardener, who was given full reign to create a landscape full of technical, scientific and artistic knowledge.

This brand-new way of living has been copied all over the world today, offering a much greater freedom of room layout. The d’Hercule upstairs forms an ante-chamber that follows on to two rooms in a staggered row. There are four distinct suites upstairs branching out into rooms - all accessed from the central corridor. A room plan of this kind offered a level of privacy that had never been used before.

Host the perfect dinner party, birthday or say your vows in the château that broke away from the rigid architectural traditions of 17th century France. This innovative layout featured rooms side by side rather than on different floors, doubling the size of Vaux le Vicomte. The high straight roofs had to be adapted, creating the hipped roof that would become synonymous with architect Louis Le Vau. These high roofs are also in the beautiful corner pavilions, offering views of the ornate moats and drawbridges. These ceilings worked in harmony with the stunning garden vistas, enhanced with grand fountains and flower beds. 

Vaux le Vicomte Weddings and Parties

Take Your Guest's Breath Away At Vaux le Vicomte

Your guests will arrive at Maincy on a relaxed boat ride, where they will be greeted by one of our excellent members of staff. They will greet your guests and take them to dinner at Les Charmilles, where they will dine on exceptional cuisine in candlelight, whilst looking out onto the beautiful gardens. If they want something lighter and more relaxed, then The Son of Vaux is the perfect place. As they are seated in comfortable deck chairs surrounded by candlelight, they will be enveloped in the tranquil atmosphere of Maincy, whilst sipping on champagne and indulging in delicious refreshments.

Say your vows in the formal gardens of Vaux le Vicomte - they make for an idyllic wedding photo and setting. A wedding reception under a marquee is the perfect place day or dusk. If you want an indoor affair, then a Ceremonial Room that has been restored to its former opulent architecture is ideal for a small but lavish affair. Seating up to 50 guests for a private dinner, it will be just right for your corporate dinner to seal the deal or have the ultimate wedding party.

For bigger parties, the Grand Salon can fit up to 250 guests, and the exquisite interiors offer for a truly memorable event. The service the team provides is second to none, you and your guests will not want for anything. From the moment you make an enquiry, Scarlet will take care of everything. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy every moment. Whether you desire a Lebanese Wedding, Chinese weddingArabic wedding or anything else, we will put together an amazing celebration, paying the greatest attention to even the smallest details.

Plan Your Wedding at Château Vaux Le Vicomte

When you book your wedding or party with Scarlet, we will ensure you have an unforgettable experience. From the moment you make an enquiry to the final seconds of your event we will work tirelessly with Vaux le Vicomte to give every client a prestigious and stress-free experience. Contact us today and our team will guide you through pricing options. 

Our event and wedding planners are experienced in organising events across the world and we would be delighted to help you plan your dream wedding or party in France or the rest of the world. 

For more information about planning your Wedding or Party at Vaux le Vicomte, please contact our event planners.