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Close your eyes and picture you and your partner surrounded by opulent Italian monuments, transcendent piazzas and cobble stoned streets. You wander through a historical city that is the ultimate symbol of romance, and watch in awe as the stunning reliquary is lit up, suffusing a magical glow and atmosphere like no other. You and your loved one throw a coin into the Trevi fountain, wishing that this moment would last forever. At lunch, you indulge in Italian cuisine and then eternalise your love as you place an engraved lock on the Ponte Milvio love lock bridge. Rome is a city dripping with history and culture - every corner nods to the Roman deities of 200 B.C. If you and your love want a wedding surrounded in the history and literature of Rome, then the Villa Medici is the perfect place to make the ultimate commitment. This ornate mannerist villa was once home to one of the world’s most famous astronomers and philosophers - Galileo Galilei, and will be the perfect backdrop to your luxury wedding

A Destination Wedding of Luxury in Italy

When you say, ‘I do’ in Villa Medici, you have the option to make your lifelong commitment in a bespoke glass marquee, surrounded by the stunning XVIth century style gardens that are often thought of as the jewel of Villa Medici. Whether you choose to have an indoor wedding or indoor party, you will still be surrounded by the magnificent seven hectare gardens that are the brainchild of mathematician and architect Camillo Agrippa, making the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

If you want to get married in one of the most exclusive venues and gardens in the world, then Villa Medici Rome is the perfect place for you. You could hire your favourite band and have them perform in the beautiful open space as you and your wedding party enjoy the ultimate outdoor summer wedding in Italy. To make your day truly memorable, you could also have wedding photos taken on the Spanish Steps - a short 10 minute stroll from the villa.

What makes a wedding at Villa Medici Rome so special is the fact that only a handful of people have made the ultimate commitment there. If you’ve always dreamed of a big wedding, then Villa Medici will be yours - a bespoke glass marquee can be erected to fit over 800 guests, which is rarely done at this exclusive venue. You can then spend your wedding night in luxury at the Hassler Roma on the Spanish Steps. If you want your closest family and friends to stay for your destination wedding, then the Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri can fit larger parties. 

Villa Medici Wedding Rome

The Saga of Villa Medici Rome

But what makes Villa Medici so incredible? This magnificent renaissance villa was originally built for Cardinal Ricci da Montepulciano in 1540, and was then sold to Cardinal Ferdinando dei Medici - this villa was the first of many Medici properties in Rome. The estate remained in the Medici family for centuries, until Napoleon Bonaparte acquired Villa Medici for the French Academy in 1803. Napoleon's intentions were to preserve an institution that was once threatened by the French Revolution.

The gardens were renovated to compete in the Prix de Rome, and housed 22 young French Artists with the hope to inspire them with the masterpieces of antiquity and Renaissance. Known as the Institut de France, they would compete to stay at the villa. Several rooms were furnished with large windows looking out onto the gardens, and artist equipment. The Turkish room situated in the tower overlooking Rome became the muse of many artists, after it was designed in 1833 by Director of the French Academy Horace Vernet.

The competition and Prix de Rome was eliminated in 1968 by the Minister of Cultural Affairs André Malraux, and Villa Medici changed hands from the Institut de France to Malraux. Artists applied for a position instead of competing, and they could explore fields further than painting, architecture, sculpture and much more. They got to explore history, archaeology, history, literature and so much more, for six to eighteen months. From 1961, Polish-French artist Balthasar Klossowski de Rola carried out a restoration campaign and gave the palace and gardens modern equipment. The new decor paid homage to the Medici family, but had contemporary elements. This melancholic decor became historic, and went through further restoration in 2016.

Astonish your guests at Villa Medici

When your guests arrive in Rome, they will have dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Rome. Once they have dined, they will be taken for a relaxed walk around the stunning gardens. 

With a plethora of sites to see, and attentive staff who will care for your guests wants and needs, choosing Villa Medici for your event has never been simpler. Whether you desire an Indian wedding, Persian weddingArabic wedding, or any other type of religious or traditional wedding, we will make your vision is a reality, paying the greatest attention to even the smallest details.

When you book your wedding or event with Scarlet Events, we will ensure you have an unforgettable experience. From the moment you make an enquiry to the final second of your event we will work tirelessly with Villa Medici to give every client an unforgettable experience.

Our destination parties and weddings planners are experienced in organising events across the world and we would be delighted to help you plan your dream wedding or party in Italy.

For more information about booking Villa Medici for your wedding or event, please speak to one of our team by emailing us at