How Small Changes Can Make the Biggest Difference.

Every couple (and wedding planner alike) wants their own wedding reception to be an affair to remember. Not simply another generic and predictable affair, but one that makes a genuine impact for all the right reasons.

Of course, knowing where to start can be tricky as the line between tremendous and tasteless is very easy to cross. Nevertheless, there are several minor changes to consider, which both alone and in conjunction with one another can add up to an enormous difference.


For example, metallic colour palettes are a seriously big deal in 2016. Planning the perfect wedding party no longer means sticking exclusively with the usual whites, creams, pinks, pastels and so on. Instead, consider adding a burst of liveliness here and there with the careful use of metallics. From tablecloths to crockery and so on, the options are endless.


It’s hardly a secret that the most effective mood-setter of all is ambient lighting. As such, why is it that so many wedding receptions are lit up like a floodlit football pitch? It’s not to say you have to have everyone sitting around in the dark, but consider swapping out a few of those high-powered strip bulbs in favour of dozens and dozens of candles. Edison bulbs can also be great mood-setters.


It will come across as odd at first, but boy is it effective! Rather than simply having a uniform layout of identical tables, why not change things up with a mixture of different table shapes and sizes? It’s another fantastic example of a simple tip that reduces perceived formality and stuffiness in an instant.


Instead of serving the usual wine, beer and soft drinks, why not create (or have created on your behalf) a one-time-only wedding cocktail? Serve it to your guests at their table, perhaps upon arrival or allow them to grab as many as they like. In any and all cases, it’s a beautiful touch that brings something truly personal to the proceedings.


In many circles, the usual three-course table-service menu is giving way to the family-style dining experience. Rather than the formality of standard three-course meal, consider instead using farm tables and going for a casual self-service alternative.


Last but not least, a truly fabulous alternative to the standard wedding banquet is to organise a wedding brunch. Morning weddings have the potential to be uniquely stunning in their own right, which can be followed with a delightful brunch party unlike anything your guests will have experienced before. Think elegant décor, light menu options and free-flowing mimosas!