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Scarlet are one of the most sought-after luxury party planners in London and across the world. Organising magnificent parties at the most exclusive international venues, we fuse every element of luxury party planning into one comprehensive service. From sourcing luxury venues in London or around the world to arranging world-class entertainment, we don’t just plan the world’s best parties – we create unforgettable experiences.

From planning luxury weddings and birthday parties to engagement parties and grand banquets, we breathe life into every occasion - bringing luxury, glamour and grandeur for the most high-profile guests. Our specialist party planning experience and vast network of industry connections allow us to obtain exclusive access to the most sought-after venues, most coveted entertainment and the most celebrated cuisine, all in order to orchestrate grandiose parties.

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"Scarlet is the ultra-luxurious events planner that you need to know about"

The Art of Luxury
Luxury Lifestyle Magazine1/3

“Their ideas were perfect and execution flawless, this is the reason they are so highly sought after. If you ever need a party planner you know where to look.”

David Wright
30th Birthday, London2/3

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Scarlet Events as a party organiser and events company to work with and to trust to be as good as their word."

Adam Phelps
Director, Cellar Society3/3
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Party Design & Styling


Event Styling & Luxury Party Design

Our party designers handle every aspect of your luxury party design, from room layouts and flower displays to linens, furniture and tableware. Our experienced and reputable team of luxury party planners will work tirelessly to ensure your luxury party looks breath-taking and is even better than you had envisioned. We will meticulously coordinate with our team of global vendors to create that awe-inspiring look that you had longed for. Whether it be a themed party or an out-of-the-box celebration, we will ensure it is original and different, so your bespoke party remains unforgettable.


Luxury Party Planners | Scarlet Events

World-Class Lighting


Event Lighting & Party Production

It’s fair to say that we have a flair for the dramatic. We design world-class theatrical lighting that transforms the atmosphere of any room and brightens any event. We boast access to the most talented lighting designers around the world to establish a magical lighting show for your party. We create bespoke set and stage designs that are in perfect synchronisation with the very essence of your event. Our luxury party planners rethink and challenge all norms and create new dimensions, to transform your bespoke party into a vivid, multi-sensory experience.

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Birthday Parties


Spectacular Birthday Parties

Our international luxury party planners have organised incredible birthday parties in some of London's most exclusive venues as well as venues throughout the world, across sought-after locations such as Paris and Monaco. Whether you are looking to host your child’s 18th birthday party at home or a milestone, such as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah on the French Riviera, we have planned luxury parties and events for a variety of high-profile clients. From arranging a world-class performer such as Lionel Richie or J-Lo, to incredible, breath-taking design, we will make your vision come to life and create the most memorable celebration for you and your loved ones.

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