Old Billingsgate - A Luxury Venue in London

If you want a dream wedding where you can be as creative and expressive as you wish or an event that will astonish your guests, then Old Billingsgate is the perfect venue choice. Located in the heart of London, on The River Thames - Old Billingsgate has three blank spaces that we will bring to life for any dream celebration. When your event, whether an exclusive party or luxury wedding is planned by Scarlet, you can be sure that it will be unique and out of the box.

Composed of several spaces including The Grand Hall which boasts a glass roof and mezzanine, and The Vault with its exposed brick walls, Old Billingsgate will be the perfect London venue for your event. With years of experience planning and managing the most incredible events, parties, and weddings for clients across the globe, our team of wedding and party planners will ensure that your special day or extravagant event exceeds all of your expectations.

Venue Capacity
The Grand Hall1,700 Dinner / 3,000 Reception
The Vault600 Dinner / 900 Reception
The Gallery200 Dinner / 600 Reception

"The most blank of canvasses, if you are looking for an empty space to create a magic then look no further”

Old Billingsgate Grand Hall

A Historically Rich Venue

Old Billingsgate is a Grade II listed building, and a strong part of London’s heritage. This historic building has stunning interior architecture, with three unique rooms that offer endless opportunities.

Simply share with us your vision, and we will make the Grand Hall, Gallery and Vaults into the bespoke wedding, or event of your dreams. The exceptional historical value of Old Billingsgate will enhance any event or celebration held there, making your guests feel special as soon as they enter.

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Old Billingsgate Corporate Events

Transforming Old Billingsgate for You

Old Billingsgate is an unparalleled venue - an ‘empty shell’ of epic proportions. An enormous amount of production has to go in to completely transform the venue, ensuring to cover every square inch of empty space.

From a mammoth production build including sunken dance floors and false walls to designing a world-class bespoke lighting show - rest assured we have the know-how to make it happen. When you hire Old Billingsgate, get ready for the transformation of a lifetime!

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Old Billingsgate Wedding Party Venue

Give life to your Vision

We cater for all cultures including grand affairs such as unforgettable parties, Arabic weddings and Chinese weddings.

With a surplus of dining options to choose from, you will be able to discuss menus with chefs, giving your guests a culinary experience to remember and ensuring that your wedding or event is fully tailored to your every wish. From weddings, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and social celebrations, this venue is the right choice for all.

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